Omega Basic e’ un nuovo, interessante linguaggio di programmazione basato sul BASIC per lo sviluppo di giochi ed altre applicazioni su telefoni cellulari, computer palmari e smartphone. Supporta Windows, Linux e MacOS

Omega Basic allows you to create and test games and applications for mobile phones, PDA’s and smartphones on your Windows, Linux or Mac computer using the Omega Basic language or Java. Omega Basic is designed for new programmers and advance developers alike, featuring built in support for sprites, graphics, sounds, music, animation, video, network and multiplayer. The language uses the easy to use BASIC command set with a twist, the special commands makes it easier than ever to start programming great games! Omega Basic’s intelligent build system also enables professional programmers to develop in Java using the Omega Basic extensive API set.

Omega Basic can create games and applications for any device supporting the Java (J2ME) logo. This includes Mobile Phones, Personal Digital Assistants and SmartPhones.